Book Review: Kanban in Action

Good Introduction to Kanban

If you want to get an introduction to Kanaban, then this book is a must read. It uses an innovative technique of story-telling to introduce the various concepts. Human beings generally like to read stories and it keeps them engaged. Almost, all the Kanban concepts have been explained in a condensed form in the story. The authors have an elegant and lucid style of explaining concepts. However, it should have been mentioned in the beginning that it is a must to read about the chapter 1, otherwise later readers would not be able to relate with the Kanbaneros team.

Some of the facets of the book which I have liked are:

  • Toyota Visualization analogy
  • Making different types of stickies using avatars.
  • Good techniques to set WIP limits.
  • Swarming comes as a good technique.
  • Excellent notes on bottlenecks, standups, constraints.
  • Good insight into planning and estimates.
  • The fun part is towards the end where different games are introduced.

However, I feel there could have been more real life case studies which can help beginners to avoid the pitfalls of Kanban.

Overall a good attempt at introducing Kanban.

This review is also available at Amazon

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